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Backyard Music folk harps are light and sturdy with a 3 piece hardwood frame and a resonating soundbox of strong corrugated carboard. The lowest string is G below middle C. Conventional color coded harp strings are used (Fs are blue and Cs are red).

There are 22 strings (3 octaves) spaced 9/16" apart (standard spacing).  The frame has room to mount optional sharping levers.

Hear a Fireside Harp on utube!

Another Fireside Harp on utube

Listen to a Backyard Music Fireside Folk Harp

Fireside Folk Harp

Curved frame, 22 strings, levers available.


Lever(s) for Fireside Folk Harp


Fireside Harp Kit

Build your own Irish harp by assembling the pre-cut pieces in this kit.  All parts provided.  You provide glue, fine sandpaper, paint for the card board soundbox, and furniture oil or polyurathane to finish the wood.


Set of Replacement Strings for Fireside Harp



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