Fretted Banjos

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A full-length 5-string light weight banjo designed as a travel or practice banjo for the accomplished player.

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 This padded Fender gig bag can be used for our Fireside and Basic Banjos.  Two shoulder straps and zipper pocket.


All you need to start playing. With a vibrating string length 3" shorter than a standard banjo, this small-sized adult instrument is ideal for travelers, youngsters, relatively small adults, and beginners of all ages. Works with standard G and C tunings,or tunes up to Aand D.

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Our "truncated" Suitcase Banjo is a light weight, 28.5" long,  fretted 5-string open-back banjo designed for travel or backpacking. The tuning gears are tucked under the pot. Tunes in standard tunings.  Includes extra string set and extra 4-mil plastic rain bag.  


Banjo with Seeger-style extra long neck.  Tunes in E major or G if capoed at third fret.


The kit version of the full-length banjo has precut parts and pre-installed frets. Assembly time is about two hours.

Usually ships within 5 business days.

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 This "no mess" kit has the banjo neck already finished with Watco oil, disk already finished with 3 coats of polyurethane, ready for hardware, glue, and strings. 


All parts are precut and accompanied by detailed illustrated instructions. You will need to paint the hoop, sand the fretboard, and apply a protective finish to the fretboard and the plywood disk. Assembly time about 2 hours.

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Adjustable Banjo Strap


A clearly presented introduction to banjo playing written for nonmusicians but useful to all. Introduces several styles of playing and several tunings.



Complete set of  ball-end medium gauge banjo strings ( .010", .012", .016", .023" and .010"). 


 Diatonic FolkMaster harmonica in key of G


Popular and efficient clip-on tuner.   Long-lasting (and easily replaced) battery is included. 


Clip-on capo with elastic band. Fits all banjos.


Get a mahogany armrest installed on your fireside or basic banjo.


Get a mahogany armrest kit to install on your fireside or basic banjo kit.

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