Apartment-Friendly / No Mess Fireside Folk Harp Kit

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Prod. Code: FHk_apt

This is a "no mess" version of the fireside harp kit, pulled off our assembly process AFTER we assemble the 3-piece wooded frame, apply two coats of finishing oil to the frame and paint the soundbox the color of your choice.  These are the same parts we use for our finished instruments.  The "no mess" kit is ideal for workshops, apartment dwellers, folks in a hurry.  No need to buy wood finishing products or deal with their fumes.

The remaining steps are:  add zither pins and other hardware, glue the frame to the soundbox, and put on the strings. 

We have pre-drilled  all necessary holes, so you will not need to locate a drill.  You will need some glue ( we use Elmer's white glue which dries clear).  You will need a hammer and some wire cutters or pliers with a wire cutting jaw.  Directions included.