Backyard Music folk harps are light and sturdy with a 3 piece hardwood frame and a resonating soundbox of strong corrugated carboard. The lowest string is G below middle C. Conventional color coded harp strings are used (Fs are blue and Cs are red).

There are 22 strings (3 octaves) spaced 9/16" apart (standard spacing).  The frame has room to mount optional sharping levers.

Curved frame, 22 strings, levers available.

From $259.00

Build your own Irish harp by assembling the pre-cut pieces in this kit.  All parts provided.  You provide glue, fine sandpaper, paint for the card board soundbox, and furniture oil or polyurathane to finish the wood.


 The no-mess version of our Fireside Harp kit, ready for final assembly and stringing

From $185.00

This version of the Fireside Folk Harp kit comes with the soundbox prepainted one of our standard colors: barn read, teal green, blue, or merlot purple.