Dulcimers are the easiest stringed instrument for beginners to play, ideal for children and non-musicians who want to play tunes or accompany singing. We make inexpensive beginner instruments by using durable corrugated cardboard for the sound box. Our dulcimer kits can easily be assembled with Elmer’s glue, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a hammer. 

Our goal is a full-sized, long-lasting, easily-tuned, and easily-played instrument with a dulcimer sound. Both kits and instruments have solid wood fretboards, reliable geared tuning pegs, and pre-installed metal frets. Orders include Meet the Friendly Dulcimer, a 28 page booklet instructional book for nonmusicians, and a leaflet of 25 familiar tunes by number.

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"I've been saving the two dulcimers for Christmas. They are a terrific success. Ben (my son) has been working on your little workbook all afternoon, with enthusiasm. If you ever need a testimonial, let us know."

Frank de Loeux, DC
Simplicity Dulcimer

The Simplicity Dulcimer provides an excellent introduction to this friendly instrument.  Comes ready to play with a dulcimer pick,  noter stick,  4-mil plastic carrying bag, and the 28 page playing manual Meet the Friendly Dulcimer.


String-It-Yourself Simplicity Dulcimer

Save yourself some money and us some time. This Simplicity Dulcimer will be ready to play as soon as you put the included set of strings on it. The dulcimer pick, noter stick, 4-mil plastic carrying bag, and 28 page playing manual Meet the Friendly Dulcimer are all still included.


The "no mess" version of the Simplicity dulcimer kit, pre-finished and pre-painted.  No mess, no drying time.  

From $74.00

Simplicity Dulcimer Kit

Build your own dulcimer in 90-120 minutes.  All parts are precut and standard metal frets are pre-installed in the fretboard.   No sharp or unusual tools are needed.  Building dulcimers is a great family project, parent-child project, child-grandparent project, elderhostel project...


Meet the Friendly Dulcimer, by David Cross

Included with orders for dulcimer kits and finished dulcimers, this 28 page book for non-musicians introduces the traditional simple playing style, strumming patterns, and simple chords. It includes a leaflet of 25 familiar tunes by number.


Easy as 1, 2, 3, Dulcimer Tunes for Beginners, by Cross and Morse

Dulcimer song book designed for beginning players from 5 to 100.  Fifty familiar American tunes by fret number, written large on the page.  Waterproof cover. 32 Pages.


Folkmaster Harmonica (Diatonic key of D major)

 Diatonic harmonica in key of D, ideal to accompany dulcimers.


Dulcimers are essentially a 3 string instrument, and are easiest to play with only 3 strings.  Players wanting more volume can add a fourth string, which is usually tuned the same as one of the other strings.


"Extra" Fret

Your dulcimer or dulcimer kit can come with a preinstalled "six and a half" fret, which adds both musical versatility and a note that can "sound bad" if it is played by mistake.