Apartment-Friendly / No Mess Fireside Banjo Kit

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Prod. Code: FBI_pre

This is a "no mess" version of the fireside banjo kit, pulled off our assembly process AFTER we apply two coats of Watco oil to the neck and 3 coats of polyurethane to the disk.  These are the same parts we use for our finished instruments.  The "no mess" kit is ideal for workshops, apartment dwellers, folks in a hurry.  No need to buy wood finishing products or deal with their fumes.

The remaining steps are:  add tuning machines and other hardware, glue banjo together, and put on the strings. 

We have pre-drilled  the holes to insert screws and brads, so you will not need to locate a drill.  You will need some glue ( we use Elmer's white glue which dries clear).  You will need a hammer, small regular screwdriver, small phillips head screwdriver, and some wire cutters or pliers with a wire cutting jaw.  Directions included.

Optionally, add an armrest.

Uually ships within 5 business days of order.