Suitcase 5-string travel banjo

Price: $175.00

Availability: Email us to place your name on waiting list. We expect to have more available in a week or two.

Prod. Code: SBj

Our Suitcase Banjo is a light weight, 28.5" long, fretted 5-string open-back banjo designed for travel or backpacking. The tuning gears are tucked under the pot; ball-end strings are threaded through holes at the first position end of the banjo, pass over the bridge, and through grommets into a stringing channel under the pot of the banjo. It takes a few days to get used to tuning the banjo but you soon get the hang of it.  We include an entire exta set of ball end medium gauge banjo strings with each suitcase banjo, because they may be hard to find when traveling or backpacking. 

  • One-piece neck of solid, legally-harvested Nicaraguan Mahogany, with 19 frets and a vibrating string length of 23.25" (same scale length as our basic banjo);
  • Side-of-neck fret markers at 7th, 10th, 12th, 15th and 17th fret.  
  • Geared tuning machines for all 5 strings;
  • Pot is 9.25" in diameter, and made of 1/8", 3-ply  poplar plywood held on a hoop made from industrial-strenth mailing tube (1/4" thick wall, protected by a layer of shellac and waterproof paint)
  • Strings on banjo are medium gauge (.010", .012", .016", .023", .010") nickel-silver
  • Total weight is less than 2 lbs! 
  • Tunes to G or A major in standard G tuning.
  • Has two screw eyes installed for attaching a strap as shown in picture.  strap not included

We include an extra set of ball- end strings because loop ends will not work well on this model,  and the strings are somewhat more vulnerable to breaking because of the bend around the butt end of the banjo that allows the tuning gears to be tucked under the pot.  We also include two 4 mil poly bags strong enough to protect your banjo from rain and snow for many months.

An armrest or armrest kit is available for the Suitcase Banjo.


Usually ships within 5 business days of order.